The 12 Best Gifts for College Students in 2022

There are so many great gifts for college students! Whether you are looking for a graduation gift, a birthday present, or just a little something to show your appreciation, we have you covered. From practical items like gift cards and journals to fun things like dorm decor and care packages, there is something for everyone on your list.

The 12 Best Gifts for College Stude...

The majority of college students value gifts that make their lives easier and more comfortable. Many people appreciate gifts that will assist them in decorating their living space. College students, whether they are incoming freshmen or seniors embarking on their final university adventure, deserve a gift that will bring them joy.

We looked into gifts that take into account a student’s wants, needs, and living situation. Here are the best gift ideas for college students. All you have to do is decide which one is the best gift for college student for you.

best gifts for college student

Backpack with USB Charging

Backpacks with USB charging ports are incredibly useful. A student can use an existing power bank to keep their phone charged while running from class to class without having to carry a dangling cable. There are numerous styles and brands to choose from, with excellent options available in every price range. However, make sure it is the same size as the student’s laptop.


AirPods are the ideal electronic gift for students who are always on the go. These wireless headphones allow you to listen and learn hands-free while walking to class, taking the bus, studying in the library, or listening to a lecture. This is especially useful for commuters who need to pass the time on a train or subway in the morning by listening to an audiobook or podcast, as well as those who learn online while watching Zooms or video chatting with professors.

French Press Coffee Maker

It’s no secret that college students consume a lot of coffee and, in general, caffeine. Making the perfect cup of coffee with a French press is just as simple. Furthermore, the cost per cup is significantly lower than the cost of k-cups. Combine this gift idea with a bag of coffee beans and prepare for a big smile from the recipient.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Nobody enjoys being awakened by a beeping alarm clock. However, for a college student, getting up on time is critical, and an alarm clock is a necessary evil. But what if it could gently nudge you out of bed? Sunrise alarm clocks are based on this concept. Instead of an irritating sound, it wakes you up with a gradually brightening light. The intensity gradually increases, simulating a sunrise and gently waking you up. These devices, in addition to serving as alarm clocks, can also function as reading lamps, making them an ideal gift for any young student.

Bedside Organizer

When it’s finally time to unwind after a long, hard day, you want to make it simple to keep all of the necessities close at hand when you’re finally lying down in bed. Bedside organizers provide plenty of storage space for TV remotes, books to read, your tablet or laptop, glasses, and other small items, allowing you to relax and unwind without having to search for the items you need most.

Smart Notebook

On the one hand, it is much easier to keep notes organized virtually than in a stack of notebooks; on the other hand, scribbling them down in a notebook is more convenient in the first place. Here comes the hybrid solution: the reusable notebook. The pages of a reusable notebook are made of a non-porous synthetic material that can be wiped clean and provides a paper-like surface on which to write or draw. When you’re finished, scan the result, and you’re ready to use the page again. This approach is not only more adaptable, but also more environmentally friendly.

Money Clip

If you’re looking for a practical gift for your favorite college boy, you’ve come to the right place because this money clip is a good option. Money clips have the advantage of being able to fit into any pocket your college kid prefers. It could be in his front pocket, on his chest, or inside his jacket pocket.

best gift ideas for college student

Lap Desk

We’re sure that sitting at a desk for hours on end will become tedious and uncomfortable for your college boys. As a result, a lap desk is one device that may help with studying. The height-adjustable, foldable legs and built-in ruler of this lap desk allow students to easily set up for various sitting and standing positions. Another advantage of this gift is the large, accurate built-in mouse pad that is ergonomically positioned for long, comfortable, and productive work sessions. 


As you might expect, this is extremely beneficial to students. Noise-cancelling headphones, as the name implies, cancel out ambient background noise. This improves the clarity of any audio you listen to and prevents interference from a noisy environment. The prices of the models on offer vary greatly, with $50 options competing with premium noise-cancelling headphones from brands like Bose. Unless the student is a music enthusiast, the low-cost option will suffice.

Digital Photo Frame

They’ll be able to save all of their favorite college memories with a digital picture frame. Furthermore, anyone with a specialized email address can send photos directly to the frame, giving them the impression that they are still a part of things back home. Your college student can easily flip through their favorites, and it won’t take up the same amount of space as a dozen framed photos.

Smart Lock

Burglars frequently target student housing. After all, students typically have a plethora of expensive gadgets lying around and frequently fail to properly secure their doors. College students frequently leave their doors unlocked, whether out of concern for friends who come over frequently or simply to avoid the hassle. This is why smart locks make excellent student gifts. These digitally connected locks can be installed in most doors and help to secure the lock automatically when the owner leaves the premises. Touchless lock opening is also possible thanks to wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Underwear Organizer

Because college dorm rooms are typically small, organization hacks are critical. Drawer organizers allow you to store undergarments, socks, intimates, and other items while saving space in your drawers. They are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to completely customize your storage options.

We have listed 12 items under the heading “Gift Ideas for College Students.” We are sure that at least one of them is the best gift for college student you are looking for.

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