Best Places for Selling Clothes Online in 2022

Everybody has clothes that we do not wear anymore. Things that will never see the light of day again after they’ve taken up space in your closet for too long. We might take them to a secondhand store if we feel like they’re still in fashion, but if not, it’s likely they’ll end up in the trash. Instead of having your clothes taking up space in a secondhand store, why not try selling clothes online? You can sell clothes anywhere and everywhere, and you don’t even need to leave the house. If you do choose to sell clothing at a brick-and-mortar secondhand shop, be sure to check for their individual rules and restrictions on what they’ll accept.

Donating used clothes is excellent for helping charitable organizations and your local environment, but did you know that selling old clothes can earn you some of your investment back? There are several online choices available to help you can be worn by another person, but there are better ways to earn money with our old clothes.

Where to sell used clothes for cash

Here are four different online options to sell clothes for cash in the United States.

#1 Poshmark is a free mobile app that allows users to buy and sell clothing. The used-clothing marketplace is open to users aged 13 and older. Most items are sold directly by the seller; however, Poshmark does take a small fee (about 10%) from each sale. Since there’s no shipping involved, you won’t pay any extra costs, making it almost like trading your used clothing for cash straight up. It works well for buying and selling name-brand items that people want to get rid of; otherwise, it may be challenging to find what you’re looking for or get a reasonable price.

#2 Go to thredUP and join for free. Once you’re logged in, add all the clothing you want to sell and calculate how much it is shipped out from the nearest location based on package size and weight. It’ll tell you exactly how much each item is worth in cash and then give you the option to sell it for that price or donate it at no cost to you. If you do choose to sell it, thredUP will send a free pre-paid shipping bag so you can ship the items out from your doorstep within 24 hours. You have 29 days from when your items arrive at their warehouse before they are sold, and thredUP will donate the proceeds (minus their fee) to a charity of your choice.

#3 eBay is an online marketplace that allows users to sell all kinds of items, including used clothes. You can sell them on auction or through a “Buy It Now” listing; however, you probably won’t make much from auction sales. If you send your items to a third-party eBay consignor, they’ll take a portion of your sales for potential resale and auction management. When you sell through a “Buy It Now” listing, the fee is only 3%, but this option can be costly since you have to pay for shipping.

#4 Posh Puppy is another online marketplace that allows you to sell your designer clothing, shoes, accessories, and handbags. You can even sell brand-name kids’ clothes, toys, and baby gear. It costs $5 per listing with no insertion fees for their “Buy Now” option.

Best Places for Selling Clothes Online

Preparing to Sell Clothes Online

So you want to sell clothes online? Before you get started, there are a few things you need to know about the process.

Item Condition: Most online consignment stores require that your clothing is in good condition for resale. If it’s stained, ripped, or does not function properly (missing buttons, broken zippers, etc.), they probably won’t be able to sell it.

Accepted Size: If you want to know how to sell clothes online for cash at a particular site like eBay, make sure the company will accept your type of clothing and that you meet their requirements.

Price: Decide what price your clothing will be listed at and stick to it. Don’t try to guess how much people are willing to pay just by looking online because prices will vary depending on the store you sell it at. Research current market rates for similar articles of clothing before setting a price.

Bonus Tip: Check out upcycling blogs like Curbly if you want even more ideas on recycling stuff into cash or gift cards!

You can always search online for “places that buy used clothes” or something along those lines, but here are some sites with a primary focus on buying back clothes directly from the public, which give our readers the most value for their worn-out garments.

Online Consignment Stores for Used Clothes

This list covers a few of the more popular sites that sell used clothes online. Most companies accepting used clothing will take in a new dress, but they only get used pieces, which they then resell for a profit. It is also worth noting that most consignment stores buy higher-end items from private sellers and charge a restocking fee if you want to get your money back instead of selling it to them—you’re basically paying them to sell your old clothing for you. We don’t recommend this unless there are no other options available to you or the going rate is exceptionally high on your items compared to others in their inventory.

Tips for selling clothes online successfully.

  1. be honest about the condition of your used clothes
  2. use a sturdy mailer for each piece to protect it from damage
  3. avoid sending items in plastic bags, as they increase the chance of mildew or water damage

For more tips:

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