Kaplan University Lawsuit and Student Loan Forgiveness

Kaplan University is a school that focuses on several different areas of education – you can earn everything from a bachelor’s degree to a law degree. However, it has been reported by former students and employees that the university engages in fraudulent practices that ultimately result in losing thousands of dollars for those who have gone there. If you feel as though this applies to you, then know that you are not alone. In fact, thousands of people have been affected by Kaplan’s unfair business practices, which led to them filing lawsuits against the institution.

If nothing else, at least take comfort in knowing that so many people are joining forces with each other to fight against Kaplan for its illegal actions. Here’s how it all went down:

Kaplan University Lawsuit

The issue with Kaplan is not new. There have been complaints and concerns about the institution for quite some time. However, the problem only recently came to a head in 2017 when a class action lawsuit was filed against Kaplan at their parent company, The Graham Holdings Company. If you were going to school while this happened, that may have been a massive part of your decision-making on whether or not you should continue attending school there or transfer somewhere else. However, you would have been hard-pressed to find anybody willing to speak badly of Kaplan before their practices started being exposed – it’s almost as though they had everyone scared into silence.

That’s precisely what happened here. In fact, some of the former employees of Kaplan accused it of having a practice of hiring people who would foreclose on homes to work in the admissions department. It got so bad that the CEO ended up departing, and they were forced to pay out $1.3 million in bonuses that had been given to their staff under false pretenses. However, this was just the start of what has become an onslaught against the institution – most notably for its for-profit college practices, which resulted in students enrolling there later feeling duped after finding out that its degrees aren’t worth much.

kaplan university student loan refund

At one point, Kaplan University was receiving more than $1 billion per year from federal student aid programs alone. As if this wasn’t enough, though, numerous former employees of Kaplan were required to sign nondisclosure agreements before they left the company, which prevented them from speaking about their time there or even acknowledging that they had ever worked for it. On top of this, many students who attended Kaplan University while it was still open claim that these illegal practices ultimately caused the institution to close down in 2017.

However, the main point here is not to simply badmouth Kaplan University – instead, you should know that if you decide to attend the school during its time of operation, then you may be able to save yourself a lot of money by using this information to get your student loans discharged. The easiest step in doing so would require hiring an attorney who can help guide you through applying for loan forgiveness.

However, not everyone who attended Kaplan University is eligible for these programs, which is why you need to speak with a specific attorney to find out if you can qualify. This program does take into account your situation and will only help the people who (1) were defrauded by Kaplan and (2) did not engage in any of its illegal behaviors before filing their lawsuit. For example, some people may be agitated because they got accused of engaging in fraudulent behavior when this was actually part of Kaplan University and affected them too! If this sounds like you (or even if it doesn’t), then you should know that there are other options available when it comes to getting rid of your student debt after earning a degree from Kaplan University.

Kaplan student loan forgiveness

The first option that every student should look into is the Closed School Loan Discharge program. Students who are eligible for this can have their federal loans discharged once they’ve applied. All you need to do would be used for loan forgiveness under this program if you attended Kaplan University, which will allow you to have your federal loans forgiven by the Department of Education.

Kaplan university scams

Another option that everyone should look into is the Borrower’s Defense To Repayment program, otherwise known as BDAR. You can apply for this by using a discharge application process to have your loans forgiven. As far as requirements are concerned, you must’ve been enrolled in an accredited school at the time of its closing, as well as file a complaint with the Department of Education about Kaplan University within 60 days of either being notified that it would be closed or finishing your courses there.

Now, you may have heard bad news about Kaplan, but I’m sure that not everyone has had a terrible experience at this institution. If that’s the case, you may be able to get your student loans forgiven through this new repaying option which allows you to have your loans discharged.

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