Buyer’s Guide for the Best Cell phone Insurance Companies

Now cell phone insurance is a must-have. We’re constantly using our cellphones, and it only takes one accident to leave you with a cell phone that works about as well as an old tin can.

Computer and cell phone repair shops will charge outrageous prices for simple repairs and even replacement of cell phones. Of course, you could buy another cell phone from the cell phone provider, but you’ll end up with something inferior to what you had before. A new cell phone will cost over $200, nearly the price of an insurance plan for cell phones.

People are at risk of losing cell phones more than almost any other piece of technology. Cell phones aren’t likely to fall out of a pocket, be kicked onto the floor of a car, or have an umbrella crushed on top of them.

The cell phone insurance plan will cost you less than what you paid for your cell phone. Compare cell phone insurance companies and find the best insurance plan for your cell phone needs. Read reviews online to find cell phone insurance reviews of cell phone insurance providers.

Best cell phone insurance companies

When you compare cell phone insurance companies, a few rise to the top. These include:

On the whole, each one of these providers will give you an excellent discount and many extras when you purchase their plan. There is little difference between the plans as each one of these companies offers a great plan to ensure the safety and security of your cell phone investment.

Best cell phone insurance plans

Buyer's Guide for the Best Cell phone Insurance Companies

The plans that are available from these providers include:

New Phone replacement – If you lose or destroy your cell phone, the provider will send you a brand new one at no extra charge.

Cancel for any reason: You can cancel your policy at any time for whatever reason you choose. Just let the provider know, and they will refund whatever portion of your cell phone insurance plan that hasn’t already been used.

Stolen Phone protection: If your phone is lost or stolen, the company will replace it for you.

Dropped phone coverage – The company will pay up to $600 if your phone breaks due to accidental damage, regardless of what caused it.

Premium Phone protection plan: This is a top-of-the-line policy that offers everything listed above in addition to loss or theft protection, a faster replacement time frame, and total deductibles.

The FoneFox Group offers all of the above policies in their cell phone insurance plans. In addition, they provide superior customer service and have been serving customers for several years now. This makes them stand out from their competitors in the cell phone insurance marketplace.

Protect Your Bubble and Asurion offer the same cell phone insurance plans as The FoneFox Group. The difference is that they don’t provide as good customer service and have been around for a considerably shorter amount of time than The FoneFox Group.

Taken as a whole, you really can’t go wrong with any of these companies. They will all give you excellent service, but The FoneFox Group is the one that offers the best value with their plans and services.


In the modern-day, cell phone insurance is a must-have. Few people don’t have a cell phone in their pockets at all times. You never know when your cell phone might get dropped or stolen without warning, and you’ll be glad to have a plan in place to protect it from such events. The best cell phone insurance plan is The FoneFox Group. They have the best plans, the best customer service, and years of experience in this industry. If you want to know more about what plans are available from The FoneFox Group, check out their website online today!

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