• The Best American Educational Publishers

    The Best American Educational Publishers

    How much time does it take to write a book? The answer depends on whom you ask. Some authors say they spend months or even years writing their books, while others claim they can knock out a manuscript in days. Writing a book isn’t always easy. There are plenty of…

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  • The Ultimate Cheapest Place to Buy Used Books

    The Ultimate Cheapest Place to Buy Used Books

    You can find Cheapest Place to Buy Used Books in this article. We don’t focus on the “new” books but the used books from the past. We only focus on long-term sales and not on the current market conditions.  Find the best cheapest place to buy used books. You can…

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  • Selling Rare Books? How to do so profitably if You Haven't Read Them

    Selling Rare Books? How to Sell a Rare Book Guide

    Have you ever thought about getting into rare books trading? Maybe you even have a few rare and valuable books lying around at your house that you could sell? Well, before you start selling rare books, you’ll want to read this first. The Benefits of Selling Rare Books Rare books…

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  • isbn books

    What is the ISBN number? Find Books by ISBN Lookup

    The ISBN number is not just an identifier for books; it is also now used to sell books. Many websites now allow you to look up ISBNs and find out the price through other means than purchasing them. This is known as ISBN lookup or ISBN search. Website owners will…

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  • Loose-Leaf Book

    Loose-Leaf Book – What You Need To Know

    Loose-leaf book: A loose-leaf book is a blank journal or notebook with pre-punched pages usually made of paperboard. It may be spiral bound with wire spines. Loose sheets can be placed anywhere in the notebook and removed for reference without damaging the pages. The loose-leaf binder consists of multiple leaves (pages)…

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  • sell college books online

    Sell College Books Online – THE BEST WAYS

    When you think about selling college books, you probably envision an easy way out a mailing in your college book for money. This is an easy and popular way for college bookstores to make money, but it doesn’t work for everyone. It cannot be easy to find a buyer, especially…

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  • How to Recycle Textbooks

    How to Recycle Textbooks – Earn money by Recycling Textbooks

    In the past, people used to ask themselves: how to recycle textbooks? With the help of technology, there is a way to recycle any book, old or new. Book recycling has become an activity encouraged by environmental groups and has helped several universities and schools recycle their old textbooks. The…

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  • What to Do With Old Textbooks in 2022

    What to Do With Old Textbooks

    What to do with old books can be a bit of a headache for most people. This is because there are so many things you need to think about when you’re getting rid of a book. For instance, where are you going to sell it? Do you want to donate…

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  • websites to sell books online

    Websites To Sell Books Online

    I’m gonna share with you the best websites to sell books online. One of the easiest and quickest ways to generate an extra income from your home is by selling used books online. The used book market is huge and there is no shortage of people who will buy your…

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