What is the ISBN number? Find Books by ISBN Lookup

The ISBN number is not just an identifier for books; it is also now used to sell books. Many websites now allow you to look up ISBNs and find out the price through other means than purchasing them. This is known as ISBN lookup or ISBN search.

Website owners will take the book details (title, ISBN, author, etc.) and post them onto their ISBN lookup sites. The ISBN is used as a way for other people to find the book if they are interested in purchasing it.

How Does this Work?

People will search ISBNs or look them up online.

What is the ISBN number? Find Books by ISBN lookup

If they are looking to buy the book, they can type ISBN into search engines, ISBN lookup sites will come up, and people will also see ISBNs scattered around on websites.

Suppose they are not explicitly looking to buy the book but still want more information. In that case, ISBNs are all over the internet, just like any other piece of information, so ISBNs can easily be found with ISBN lookup sites like and

The ISBN lookup is an essential part of selling books. It is simple to use and accessible for everyone looking to sell their book, whether you’re an individual or a bookstore. It is also beneficial for people who want to buy the book. They don’t have to go to every ISBN lookup site and search ISBNs individually; they can find ISBNs all on one ISBN lookup site.

In this age of technology, ISBN lookup is the easiest way to sell your books for those who want to buy them as well as those that don’t.

What is the difference between ISBN-10 and ISBN-13?

ISBN-13 is totally different from ISBN-10, and it has nothing to do with the book’s price.

If you know what each number in an ISBN means, you can quickly tell which one is for what. For example, many people think that the 10 is just a typo for 13 because they sound similar, but they are very different.

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, and each number in an ISBN means something specific. This is what the numbers stand for:

10 = country code indicating the USA or Canada

13= language code of English

The first number tells you which country the book was published in, while the second tells you its language.

How much does an ISBN cost?

This depends on what you are using the ISBN for. The ISBN is free for an eBook; this applies to both ePub and Kindle books. If it’s for a print book, the price will depend on your publisher or how much you want to buy in bulk. You can get more information on how much it costs here:

What are the benefits of getting an ISBN?

The main benefit of getting an ISBN is that it clearly identifies your book worldwide, no matter what language or publication you are selling your reader in. In addition, all versions of one product should have the same ISBN number to be easily indexed.

What are the disadvantages of getting an ISBN?

You have to pay a fee for each version you sell your book, although this is a small price to pay for how much easier it makes selling a product worldwide.

Tips on How to Sell Books by ISBN Number Online

The first thing you want to do is determine what kind of ISBN you need. There are different types of eBooks, audiobooks, and print books, so make sure you know which one your book falls under before going further.

You also have the option to add other identifying data, such as publisher name and author name, but that’s up to you. You can get more information on how to get an ISBN here:

After you have your ISBN, make sure you are listed on all ISBN lookup sites so people can find your book. There are many different ways to do this; the most common ones are posting links with the ISBN to the right place online or using your ISBN to create a barcode and just scanning it when you’re selling old books.

You also want to promote the ISBN lookup sites you used so that people can find them quickly and use them for free. You can do this by word-of-mouth, social media, and wherever else people might be interested in your book.

Do you have any questions about selling books by ISBN number online? Leave them in the comments below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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