Best Trade School Jobs For 2022

Compared to traditional four-year universities, trade school offers many high school graduates a more affordable and safe route to professional development and career entry. Trade schools, also referred to as technical colleges or vocational schools, concentrate on providing specialized job training in in-demand industries to help students find gainful employment. Bachelor’s degrees are not necessary for all professions. If you’re thinking about starting a career, look into these well-liked and best trade school jobs.

Best Trade School Jobs For 2022

Typically, the only educational requirement for these vocational careers is enrollment in a diploma, certificate, or degree program at a trade or vocational school. The salaries for many of the jobs on our list of trade school jobs are also significantly higher than the national average. Additionally, students are exempt from the higher costs and tuition associated with four-year bachelor’s degree programs at universities and colleges.

They frequently offer high salaries, a wide range of opportunities, and improved career stability. They frequently involve active, mentally stimulating tasks that foster a genuine sense of pride, accomplishment, and confidence. You have the chance to increase your level of financial prosperity, job security, and daily enjoyment by pursuing a vocational education. Trade school programs are in high demand. The best trade school jobs from trade schools are listed in this guide.

The 6 Best Trade School Jobs

Best Trade School Jobs

You might be surprised by how much money a career developed at the best trade school jobs can bring in. You might even discover that you land a better job than your friends who graduated from universities due to the growing demand for trade skills, particularly in the health industry. Keep in mind that your actual compensation will depend on a number of variables, including your location, your employer, and your own qualifications. We outline 6 of the best trade school jobs in this section.

Web Developer

The main goal of web development is to build useful, user-friendly websites by utilizing the best programming and markup languages, graphics, multimedia, and database tools. Some of the highest-paying trade jobs today are held by web developers. The median yearly salary for these professionals is $77,200. However, by working for software developers and firms that manage proprietary electronic networks, they can increase their pay. Despite the fact that some web designers are self-taught, the majority have an associate’s degree in web development, which includes both computer programming and graphic design.

Dental Hygienist

To assist patients in maintaining good oral health, dental hygienists offer preventative care and hygiene advice. A patient’s treatment plan may be helped by the hygienist, who also informs the dentist of all findings. A hygienist may also instruct patients on how to take the best possible care of their teeth and gums. Dental hygienists work in dentists’ offices over 90% of the time, where they make a median salary of $77,090 per year. You must complete a three-year associate’s degree program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation in order to work as a dental hygienist. The board of dental examiners in your state is where you must also obtain your license.

Construction Manager

Here is another lucrative trade with room for expansion. The average annual salary for a construction manager is an impressive $97,000. Sometimes a four-year bachelor’s degree is required for a job, depending on the requirements set forth by the employer. The good news is that some construction managers have the necessary qualifications after completing an apprenticeship or gaining relevant work experience. Construction site managers are responsible for managing the entire project, from assigning tasks to workers to ensuring that everything is completed on schedule and within budget. Construction and engineering programs are excellent places to begin; you may even be able to work part-time on a construction site while studying.

Radiation Therapist

One of the highest-paying trade jobs is this one, which many people overlook. Radiation therapists are the highest-paid trade workers on this list, with a median annual income of $86,850. Radiation therapists treat serious illnesses like cancer in collaboration with nurses, doctors, and oncologists. These medical professionals supervise radiation therapy treatments that shrink and eliminate malignant tumors using equipment like linear accelerators.

In addition, they strictly follow safety protocols and keep an eye out for any adverse reactions while treating patients. You must enroll in a radiography program at a trade school for one or two years in order to qualify for this highly paid position. The next step is to submit an application for an ARRT Certificate, which will allow you to practice radiation therapy.

Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic control is the highest-paying job on this list and requires extensive but brief training. The safety of air operations is the main concern of air traffic controllers. They efficiently direct air traffic into and out of airports. Many people are shocked to learn that you can work in air traffic control without having a bachelor’s degree. Frequently, all an air traffic controller needs is an associate’s degree or equivalent military experience. Air traffic controllers must be certified by the FAA in order to be hired into federal civilian service, and the job demands constant vigilance. Training must start prior to the age of 31.

Elevator Installer and Repairer

These skilled technicians construct, maintain, and repair chairlifts, escalators, moving walkways, elevators, and other automotive lifts. Before installing and testing the elevator for functionality, they read the building blueprints to decide what kind of machinery and related components to use. As you might expect, the difficulty of this trade job makes it one of the highest-paying jobs available. It requires a lot of physical endurance and meticulous attention to detail. The income is about $88,000 per year, which is a plus.

A four-year apprenticeship with a union, employer, or industry association is frequently the first step in these careers. Apprentices learn about escalators and elevator parts as well as safety procedures and electrical theory. Most states require licenses for those who install and repair elevators and escalators. They also require ongoing training to stay current with technological changes in the industry. Thus, we have explained 6 of the best trade school jobs in detail.

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