TRESemmé Lawsuit

TRESemmé Class Action Lawsuit

Two women who say they suffered hair loss and severe scalp burns from TRESemmé Keratin shampoo and conditioner have filed a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer for failing to warn about dangerous chemicals in their products. Both Robyn Lipetz and Shannon Keener, residents of the greater Philadelphia region, contend that Unilever United States Inc., the company that produces the TRESemmé line of hair care products, …

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College Application Deadlines

College Application Deadlines to Keep in Mind

Timing is crucial. This adage couldn’t be more accurate than during the college application deadlines process. While the majority of schools have similar application for colleges requirements, you can submit your application by a variety of deadlines depending on your admissions option. You must submit essays, transcripts, recommendations, and other materials as part of the …

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Best Trade School Jobs

Best Trade School Jobs For 2022

Compared to traditional four-year universities, trade school offers many high school graduates a more affordable and safe route to professional development and career entry. Trade schools, also referred to as technical colleges or vocational schools, concentrate on providing specialized job training in in-demand industries to help students find gainful employment. Bachelor’s degrees are not necessary …

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