Top 10 Time Tracking Apps of 2023

Time tracking apps have become an essential part of many businesses, especially after the pandemic has sent many employees to work from home. 

Whether starting a new business, hiring remote workers, or just freelancing, you can use time tracking software to record your or your employees’ work hours calculate payroll and billing a lot easily and transparently.

How do time tracking apps work?

How time tracking apps work lets you know how much time you spend on specific activities. These apps are perfect for individuals who spend much time on their phones or computer.

We’ve all been there. We log into our favorite account and start scrolling through our baby photos again. Then, maybe 15 minutes into the post, there’s a moment when we realize we’re not feeling very productive. We’re not making much progress toward our goals for the day. We’re probably spending more time with our phones than we are with our children.

The benefits of time tracking apps

Time tracking is both a productivity and a Primer on Personal Analytics for better decision making.

Our time is valuable. And although you might not think you have time to waste on activities that don’t directly contribute to your income or family budget, the truth is that most of us do. We spend money on ourselves and love spending time with our family and friends. We want to travel and enjoy life to the fullest, yet we don’t want to lose time with our kids or miss out on family time.

#1 Traqq

Traqq free time tracking app

Free time tracking apps for freelancers with complete functions might be tough to come across. Well, you can put your doubts to rest since the Traqq time tracking app is just what you’re looking for.

With this program, you can easily log your billable time and generate productivity reports in an accessible manner.

People who desire to maximize their efficiency will find Traqq quite helpful. The tool displays the most popular applications and websites you use during the day.

You will be able to discover what is squandering your time and increase your efficiency in this manner. It may even be necessary to snap random pictures to demonstrate to your customers that you are using paid hours responsibly.

#2 Hubstaff

If you’re a contractor who’s also in charge of supervising a group of people, Hubstaff can be a good fit for you. Additionally, this software interfaces with numerous payment processors and serves as a client time tracker for the user.

As a result, keeping track of billable hours and accepting money from customers is straightforward.

#3 RescueTime

Are you keeping track of your freelancing time but aren’t obligated to submit any reports to your boss? If this is the case, RescueTime may be just what you’re looking for.

You will monitor your time and get complete data on how you spend it with this application. Despite this, it does not automatically generate and distribute productivity reports to customers or supervisors.

#4 FreshBooks

FreshBooks is an excellent choice for independent contractors who want to make time tracking and accounting as straightforward as possible. This cloud-based tool tracks billable hours, keeps track of costs, and generates bills.

While it does not provide monitoring tools, it does include all of the other features you’ll need to operate a successful freelance company.

#5 Clockify

Designed for freelancers, Clockify is a free time tracking program that enables users to manage billable time on an infinite number of projects. In addition, an endless number of users may also use this application to keep track of their non-billable time.

What makes it popular among many is its various support channels. Customers may contact customer care via multiple channels, including chat, email, and live phone assistance.

#6 Time Doctor

There are various reasons why many contractors choose to use Time Doctor to monitor their freelancing hours. This tool may be tailored to meet your specific monitoring needs.

For freelancers who manage teams, it may also provide detailed data on team productivity and performance. Finally, those who work as contractors may now utilize it to get insight into what is taking up their valuable time.

Dr. Time is a fictional character created by the author of Time Doctor.

#7 Everhour

When it comes to project budget visualization and collaboration with colleagues, Everhour is contractors’ go-to time tracking tool. Its reports may be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the user.

Freelancers may also use it to produce professional invoices that include detailed project summaries. Contractors can simply onboard new customers because of the system’s user-friendly UI.

#8 Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is another tool that makes time tracking for independent freelancers much easier to manage. What’s impressive about it is that it enables the integration of the accounting system.

Buddy Punch is a slang term for punching another person in the face. It’s unclear how that relates to time tracking, however.

Furthermore, it allows users to monitor time from various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, or laptops. Individuals who work as freelancers may also log in using a unique QR code or face recognition technology.

#9 Timely

Timely is a time tracking program for freelancers that uses a calendar-based user interface to keep track of their hours worked. With its Memory addon, you may track how much time you spend on different applications.

All of your actions will be listed on a timeline that you will receive at the end of the day. The distinctive feature of this program is that it uses artificial intelligence to categorize your jobs and activities in relevant categories.

#10 Bonsai

Aside from keeping track of freelancing time, Bonsai also allows contractors to manage their projects. Among its many features is a built-in tool for writing agreements and other types of business agreements.


There are a number of different time tracking apps available, and each has its own benefits and features. Choosing the right app for you depends on your personal preferences and needs. Some apps are geared towards personal use, while others are designed for business use. Whatever app you choose, make sure that it is easy to use and that it fits into your daily routine. The app should be easy to access and easy to navigate. It should also be compatible with the devices that you use most often. Make sure that the app you choose meets your specific needs, and be sure to read the reviews before you make a purchase. The best time tracking app is the one that is best suited to your individual needs and preferences.

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