Top 6 Best Apps for Selling Stuff

An article about how the best apps for selling stuff are the best thing since sliced bread. These apps can help you get rid of unwanted items through a quick and efficient process that doesn’t require you to leave your house. They also come in handy when you’re looking to purchase something new!

Best mobile apps for selling staff

  • ThredUP
  • Poshmark
  • Vinted
  • Depop
  • Tradesy
  • Mercari
Top 6 Best Apps for Selling Stuff


ThredUP is one of the most well-known resale websites on the market. Women’s, children’s, designer items, and even maternity clothes are all available through them. In addition to a 20% discount on the first purchase, GroopDeal has a deal for those who spend at least $79. It’s not bad if you want to acquire several new goods.

It is also simple to sell on ThredUP. The firm provides a service known as a “clean out kit.” You may request the bag online, and they will send you the supplies to return your used items by mail. Then, you ship things via FedEx or USPS. ThredUP purchases your goods from you and reimburses you with either cash or store credit based on the value of each item. Because ThredUP eliminates the necessity to post and ship each item sold, customers appreciate it.


Poshmark is a website that allows you to sell gently used women’s clothing and accessories. Thousands of vendors create outfits for sale on the site’s online marketplace. While many high-end designers and brands are available, Poshmark also features famous names like Forever21, H&M, and Old Navy.

Suppose you want to get paid for selling your clothes on Poshmark. You snap photographs of your belongings, provide comments, and post them on the fantastic program or website when you join. You ship an item once it’s purchased and then get paid when they receive it. The customer pays for shipping, while Poshmark takes a percentage of the sale price. You may use your earnings to make purchases on the site or opt to cash out.


Vinted is a mobile application where you can sell men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, accessories, and footwear. Toys, furniture, cosmetics, and other goods are also available for sale through the website; however, clothing is the primary subject. After downloading the app, you can personalize your profile and list items for sale. Vinted allows you to sell goods for free, but buyers must pay a service charge of 3-8% of the value of each item they buy. The UK is the only market where this mobile selling software is accessible.


Depop is a marketplace for digital items that has built a reputation as the ‘creative community’s online bazaar.’ Users can buy and sell used goods to their community through Depop‘s website and great app. They specialize in one-of-a-kind products, such as vintage tracksuits, beautiful fanny packs, and more.

If you want to sell secondhand clothes items, Depop is a fantastic alternative. Sellers can set up shops on the site and post pictures and descriptions instantly instead of mailing them in. When someone purchases your items, you create a shipping label and send it. You can get your money through PayPal or use it to buy additional goods on the site.


When you join Tradesy, you have the option of uploading your closet items. Tradesy requires that your goods be genuine and designer clothing. Shoppers on Tradesy utilize this selling software to locate high-quality discount designer products, so the traffic your product receives will help to pay for more expensive things.

When buyers purchase an item, they will receive a free shipping kit. When the item is delivered, you will be paid. The Tradesy team handles any shipping and returns, making this one of the most specific sites to purchase and sell items on.


Mercari is a similar service to Poshmark and other selling platforms like Flyp. You may sell less-worn or unused items on it, much like Flyp. The most fantastic thing about Mercari is that they charge you only a 10% commission on your sales. So you might make decent money on the site if you don’t get too enthused when you see all of the great items for sale by other users!

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