William D. Ford Act: Student Loan Scammer’s Favorite Phrase

William D. Ford Act is the most favorite word of Student Loan fraudsters.

The student loan repayment can be overwhelming for the 39 million student loan recipients in the United States. Acting as legitimate government employees, student loan fraudsters will no doubt use official vocabulary to lure individuals into their traps. Expressions such as “Adapting to the Department of Education” or “Under William D. Ford Act” favor a deceptive picture. Despite fancy titles or official audio programs, fraudulent companies are trying to make a quick buck without providing any value in return. 

So, guys, in this item we explain how to recognize an “official” fraud and what you can do to protect yourself from fraudsters. 

  • Firstly you should know what is student loan fraudster. 
  • And the second one is why fraudsters prefer to use the expression like “William D. Ford Act”. 
  • So the last one is Tips to Catch Student Loan Fraudsters.
William D. Ford Act guide 2021

 What the hell is a student loan fraudster?   

Student loan fraudsters often involve individuals or companies that use expressions like the “William D. Ford Act” and promise to quickly defer a debt when you pay a large number of upfront fees to the company.  Many fraudsters operate under the guise of credit companies or try to present themselves as affiliated with the Ministry of Education. They use illegal telemarketing companies to trap debtors willing to pay a certain amount to such scammers to defer their debts. While legal finance professionals only charge you a fee after providing you a service, fraudsters usually charge you upfront.

 Why do fraudsters prefer to use the expression like “William D. Ford Act”

 Fraudsters use this expression to gain your trust as soon as possible. For this reason, official phrases such as William D. Ford Act are often used by them. There is no such item as “William D. Ford Act.” William D. Ford Act is simply the name of the law that allows a student to borrow. For example, the real William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program is an institution that allows students to borrow from the Federal Government, providing low-interest rates and discounted payment options. I mean student loan of course.

You need to be able to distinguish them correctly. You should not be deceived by fraudsters’ fake companies that use this phrase (William D. Ford Act) just to gain your trust. 

 Tips to Catch Student Loan Fraudsters

It is important to know these tips so as not to fall victim to fraudsters. There are several indications that the company may not be legal. Contrary to fraudsters, real lending companies investigate the career information of the borrower. Anyone who promises to lend you without knowing your credit information, work history, and income is certainly a scammer.

The first law is to avoid being deceived by fraudsters; you should never pay in advance. Advance payments are a major red flag, especially when it comes to reducing student debt. Your Federal Student Aid document is very sensitive information and you should not give it to illegal authorities. Be especially wary of those who claim to be bound by William D. Ford Act. If you think you are a victim of fraud after this information, contact your credit service for more information. 

Not sure if the other party is trying to deceive you?

If you are not sure that the other party is trying to deceive you, you can learn all your refund options from the “İn Repayment” tab on This is the official website of the Department of Education, which can provide you with important information about this issue. 

Use free resources.

For example, a blog about student loans that you are currently reading can help you learn more about your options without paying anything. Do not make an initial payment to any company without researching. Before opening your wallet, get accurate information about how the other party can help you. 

For example;

  • Do they have a service that can offer you the best of your choice or have the potential to help you decide on the best payment options? 
  • Do they have a service that can help you with complicated paperwork?
  • Do they have the potential to provide a valuable service such as financial planning?
  • So, before making an initial payment to any company, you should make sure that they have the important services listed above.

Don’t Pay Anyone To Consolidate Your Loans

Some scam companies offer to consolidate your student loans for a high fee. But you can do it yourself on for free. A student loan borrower should never trust a company he or she sees in any advertisement without any research. If you need help with student loans, you can consult with financial planners or specialized lawyers. You can easily do all this yourself, just try not to fall into the trap of scammers who make false promises in exchange for money. 

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